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Older Americans Month

[ ohl-der uh-mer-i-kuhnz muhnth ]

What is Older Americans Month?

Older Americans Month is a month-long observance in the US devoted to celebrating older Americans and their contributions and raising awareness about issues related to age and aging.

The term older Americans generally refers to Americans aged 65 and over.

Older Americans Month is typically observed with community events held by various organizations, often with an emphasis on providing older Americans with support and access to resources related to aging.

🗓 When is Older Americans Month?

Older Americans Month is observed each year during the month of May.

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Where does Older Americans Month come from?

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy established what was then called Senior Citizens Month. The month became known as Older Americans Month in 1965.

Like many observance months, Older Americans Month has a yearly theme, which is set by the Administration on Aging and the Administration on Community Living (which are both part of the US Department of Health and Human Services). For example, the theme for Older Americans Month in 2023, “Aging Unbound,” was chosen to provide an opportunity to explore and celebrate the various aging experiences and to fight against stereotypes. 

Examples of Older Americans Month

This #OlderAmericansMonth, we're celebrating the strength of older adults and the Aging Network, with special emphasis on the power of connection and engagement in building strong communities.
@VANTAGEaging, May 3, 2021
May is #OlderAmericansMonth and this years theme “Communities of Strength” celebrates the resilience and strength of older adults and the aging network. We are grateful for the countless contributions of older adults and our partners in the aging network each and every day!
@Mass_EOEA, May 3, 2021
In honor of Older Americans Month this May, The Gateway Family YMCA and Shaping Eastern Union County will be hosting a series of free virtual community educational HealthEASE Presentations, YMCA Chronic Disease Self-Management programs, wellness opportunities and social events.
Colleen Clayton, patch.com, May 1, 2021

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  • When the observance that became Older Americans Month was first established, about 17 million Americans were 65 or over. In 2020, this number was 56 million.

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