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Singles Awareness Day

[ sing-guhlz uh-wair-nis dey ]

What is Singles Awareness Day?

Singles Awareness Day is an informal holiday devoted to individuals who aren’t in a romantic relationship.

Singles Awareness Day is, not coincidentally, the day after Valentine’s Day. It is typically observed as an alternative or antithesis to Valentine’s Day’s traditional celebration of love and romantic relationships (which can have the effect of making those without romantic partners or dates on the day feel self-conscious or left out).

Those who observe Singles Awareness Day often do so in lighthearted ways that celebrate and embrace their single relationship status despite the negativity sometimes associated with being single. They may spend time with other single friends or indulge in some of the same things traditionally exchanged by romantic partners on Valentine’s Day, such as by buying themselves chocolates or flowers.

Some of those who observe or promote the day treat it as an opportunity to offer a more serious commentary on the high value that society places on being in a relationship (and the resulting pressure on people to be in one).

🗓 When is Singles Awareness Day?

Singles Awareness Day takes place on February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. Occasionally, people apply the name to the day before Valentine’s Day or jokingly use it as an alternative name for Valentine’s Day itself.

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Where does Singles Awareness Day come from?

It’s likely that similar Valentine’s Day alternatives were observed before the creation of Singles Awareness Day. The origin of Singles Awareness Day, though, is often credited to journalist Dustin Barnes. According to Barnes, he came up with the idea as a high school student in 2001 along with his fellow single friends as a lighthearted way to celebrate their single status. The selection of the day after Valentine’s Day as the date for Singles Awareness Day is tied in part to the fact that Valentine’s candy often goes on sale that day. According to Barnes, the naming of the day was influenced by the tongue-in-cheek acronym it creates: SAD.

Examples of Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day Feb 15th. Promise you we don't need anything the day after Valentines Day to make us aware of how single we are!
@lonelygirlslife, January 25, 2022
Valentines Day? I've only ever celebrated Singles Awareness Day...
@DerrikYang, January 26, 2022
February 15 is now known as National Singles Awareness Day, aka SAD. Coming in hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day 2019 is the perfect occasion to celebrate being a party of one.
Caroline Shannon-Karasik, InStyle, February 11, 2019

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