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Idiot Sandwich meme

[id-ee-uht sand-wich meem]

What does Idiot Sandwich meme mean?

The Idiot Sandwich meme references a 2015 comedy skit where chef Gordon Ramsay, known for giving harsh criticism on his reality cooking shows, slaps two pieces of bread over TV personality Julie Chen, making her call herself an “idiot sandwich.”

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Where does Idiot Sandwich meme come from?

Viewers of Hell’s Kitchen, which debuted in the US in 2005, know how intimidating—er, cruel—its host chef Gordon Ramsay can be. In 2015, Ramsay, TV personality Julie Chen, and late-night host James Corden performed a skit on the Late Late Show with James Corden spoofing Ramsay’s savagery. During the skit, called “Hell’s Cafeteria,” Ramsay holds two pieces of bread on either side of Chen’s face (as if her head is the meat of the sandwich) and screams: “What are you?” Shamefully, she replies: “An idiot sandwich.”

The skit was uploaded on YouTube after it aired, helping to spread the insult as a meme. As of March 2019, it has over 7 million views. The Idiot Sandwich meme had a resurgence in March 2019 when Ramsay, in another appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, said he would begin selling—er, capitalizing on—Idiot Sandwich earmuffs due to the popularity of the joke.

Examples of Idiot Sandwich meme

after studying the entire day I've come to realize that I am indeed an idiot sandwich
@JeremyChuaaa, May, 2015
u/Amazing-noob / Reddit
Ramsay is not only a master at cooking and insulting people, but in marketing, too. During his late night stopover, he revealed that he is cashing in on the meme by selling idiot sandwich ear muffs at his restaurant in Las Vegas, so anyone with enough cash to buy them can be called an idiot sandwich for doing so.
Melissa Locker, Time, March, 2019

Who uses Idiot Sandwich meme?

Many people have paid homage to the Idiot Sandwich meme, such as by reenacting it or drawing artwork of it. In October 2017, a couple made an Idiot Sandwich meme Halloween that went viral.

CBS / @kaaatdoan

Some people have adopted idiot sandwich as a mild insult, form of self-deprecation, or even term of endearment.

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