Dagnabbit! Minced Oaths And Curse Word Alternatives

boy with hand over mouth

Let’s get real. Life is tough, and tough times call for tough words. But sometimes even the toughest of times call for … gentler words.

Imagine: you’ve stubbed your toe and dropped your coffee too, and while you might want to let out a string of expletives (*&$@#*!!!), you’re painfully aware you can’t. Maybe the “little pitchers” have big ears. Or Great Aunt Edna is around (and her hearing is still 100%). Or maybe you’re a school principal. Or a professional panda hugger. (Don’t you dare curse around the babies!) Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with some choice alternatives to your favorite curse words. These handy words are known as minced oaths, or “clipped or euphemistically altered oaths,” and we’ve got plenty of options beyond standards like dagnabbit, doggone it, and cheese and crackers.

We asked via Twitter what curse word replacements our readers prefer, and because they’re just so forkin’ amazing, they answered! Here are a few of our favorite (and funniest) reader-suggested minced oaths and other clever replies.

We asked:


You answered:

1. Curse like it’s the 1930s.


2. Talk like a tot. (Because we’re censoring ourselves for them, after all.)


3. Role-play as a fictional anchorman … or an under-the-sea sponge.


4. Speaking of television, you can follow the lead of:


5. And a few more for good measure:


6. You could create a new word altogether. (But we’re not adding this one to the dictionary any time soon.)


7. Just call it what it is. No need to mince words. Haha. We’re here all night, folks!


8. Some of you took a gastronomical turn.


9. Others checked the Bible.


10. Alternatives? What alternatives?


11. At least one of you cursed us (yes, Dictionary.com)!


12. But wait, what was the question again?

Find more refreshingly ridiculous words to add to your repertoire.

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