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Boonk gang

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What does Boonk gang mean?

Boonk gang is the catchphrase of social-media influencer, John Robert Hill, known for posting videos of himself stealing things. Thanks to Hill, Boonk gang has also become a way to refer to damaging property or stealing things in an outlandish manner.

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Where does Boonk gang come from?

Boonk gang

Boonk is the moniker of John Robert Hill, a Miami-based prankster and rapper who became internet-famous in 2017 by posting videos of himself committing crimes. These mostly include various forms of theft, but occasionally trashing merchandise and disorderly conduct. Upon the crime, Hill shouts his catchphrase Boonk gang! The phrase doubles as his various social-media handles, which earned millions of followers when active.

Not surprisingly, Boonk‘s stunts haven’t pleased his victims—or law enforcement. In July, 2017 he was arrested for stealing donuts from a Miami Dunkin’ Donuts. Undeterred, Hill continued his series of outlandish prank crimes, getting in trouble again for ripping his shirt off in a Chik-fil-A, standing on the counter, and smashing milkshakes on his chest. Following this, he apparently fled to California, where he has continued doing his stunts, though his social-media pages were discontinued. In March, 2018, he was arrested for illegally possessing assault weapons and drugs.

Despite Hill’s notoriety, his catchphrase Boonk gang has taken on a life of its own, used as a slang verb to describe committing theft, property damage, or other crimes in the manner of Boonk himself. This has led to criticism that Hill is encouraging young people to commit crimes by portraying his actions as humorous.

Though Boonk is mainly known for his crimes, he is also an amateur musician, and in late 2017 released a song titled (what else?) “Boonk Gang.”

Examples of Boonk gang

i’m boutta boonk gang this dental treatment 😫😂
@drewvarez, May, 2018
Imagine walking down the hallway when someone grabs your phone, yells “BOONK GANG!” and takes off.
Ve'Andra Vallien & Amya Salter, Raider Release, December, 2017
Now that school is over I sincerely apologize to all the people I “borrowed” pencils from. BOONK GANG
@sjcox00, May, 2018

Who uses Boonk gang?

Though Hill’s moniker is Boonk, he is often referred to as his catchphrase and social-media handle, Boonk Gang.

Since Boonk’s videos first hit the web, his viewers have come to call his criminal antics Boonk ganging. For instance, if a person was considering going to Wal-Mart, tearing off their shirt, jumping into a rack of DVDs, then running out while stealing one, they could say “I want to boonk gang the videos in that Wal-Mart.” Boonk gang is also something a person might yell after they steal something and are fleeing. Most often, boonk gang is just used as a joking reference to the social-media star.



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