default dance

or defaultdance or dance moves

[dih-fawlt dans]

What does default dance mean?


Default dance means your life has no meaning and you are a noob so get rekt.

Examples of default dance


Examples of default dance
Neil did the default Fortnite dance as I got sick into his toilet last night
@issaoife, November, 2018
Know Your Meme

Where does default dance come from?

Fortnite Skins

Default dance is a Fortnite dance emote that can be sold to players.

Recently, it’s been revealed that Fortnite creators stole the dance from Donald Faison’s character Turk from the show Scrubs. Donald said he made up the dance late one night on set … but Fortnite took it and now his “Poison” dance is basically forgotten forever. Because Fortnite.

Except now the dance is gone from the game … so who’s winning?

Who uses default dance?

Pretty much everyone uses the name default dance … or actually does the dance themselves. Sorry, Turk. Even more now that it’s gone …

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