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International Men’s Day

[ in-ter-nash-uh-nl menz dey ]

Is there an International Men’s Day?

Yes, there is an International Men’s Day (sometimes abbreviated IMD). Its organizers promote it as a day dedicated to raising awareness of and highlighting resources for issues that particularly impact men, especially those that are often less publicized, such as mental health.

The question “Is there an International Men’s Day?” is often asked in relation to the existence of the much more well-known and widely observed International Women’s Day.

Such questioning is often interpreted and criticized as intending to detract from a focus on women. The setting aside of a day (or a month, in the case of Women’s History Month) to focus on women’s issues and women’s history is based on the idea that it is important to give special attention to such topics because they are often erased, excluded, or ignored due to misogyny and the teaching of history in a way that has been historically dominated by a focus on men.

For this reason, International Men’s Day is controversial, particularly due to criticism that International Women’s Day is specifically needed as a way of addressing historical and ongoing inequality.

However, some organizers and advocates of International Men’s Day argue that it is not intended to be in opposition to International Women’s Day but as a day to focus on men’s health, to improve gender relations, to promote positive expressions of masculinity, and to raise awareness of issues that impact men who don’t fit the traditional male gender role or the societal expectations of masculine stereotypes.

When is International Men's Day?

International Men’s Day is held each year on November 19.

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Where does International Men’s Day come from?

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s, growing out of political and labor activism by women pursuing equal rights. Among the first proposals for an International Men’s Day came in the 1960s. The roots of the modern observance of International Men’s Day come from the 1990s. The date November 19 was proposed in 1999 by history professor Dr. Jerome Teelucksing, a leading promoter of the day.

Examples of International Men’s Day

From all of us at the #internationalmensday team, we hope all the brilliant and wonderful women around the world have a great #InternationalWomensDay
@UKMensDay, March 8, 2021
So it’s #NationalCatDay where is National Dog Day! I’m so offended by this! Joke based on people who always ask why there is no International Mens Day on International Women’s Day even though there is.
@Falconer084, October 30, 2021
Saturday 19 November is International Men’s Day. Its organisers claim their aims are to promote men’s physical and mental wellbeing, as well as work to improving gender relations. However, the idea of a day concentrating on men has proven divisive, with many of its supporters using it as an opportunity to fight feminism. Some victims of sexism joke that every day is International Men’s Day.
David Barker, New Statesman, November 19, 2016

Who uses International Men’s Day?

Did you know … ?

  • A new theme for International Men’s Day is usually selected each year. The theme chosen for 2021 was “Better relations between men and women.”

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