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International No Diet Day

[in-ter-nash-uh-nl noh dahy-it dey]

What does International No Diet Day mean?

International No Diet Day is a day dedicated to body positivity and promoting a healthy lifestyle, regardless of shape or size.

It is celebrated on May 6, represented by a light blue ribbon, and associated with the body/fat acceptance movement.

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Where does International No Diet Day come from?

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International No Diet Day was founded by British feminist Mary Evans Young in 1992 in the UK. First hosting the celebration in London with a dozen or so supporters, Young was inspired to start the holiday after suffering from anorexia, which helped her become a body positivity activist.

The holiday since spread around the world, from the US to Australia. Organizations and individuals use the holiday as an opportunity, especially in online activism, to educate people of the harm of fat-shaming and unrealistic body standards as well as honor survivors of eating disorders and weight-loss surgeries.

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International No Diet Day promotes the idea that healthy bodies can come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of what the massive diet and weight-loss industry promotes—hence the no diet in its name, a critique of our collective obsession with body weight, which can lead to eating disorders. On the day, observers are encouraged look at their bodies with love and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Examples of International No Diet Day

Today, on International No Diet Day, experts weigh in on the obsession for eating patterns that can prove to be harmful.
Lisa Antao, Daily News and Analysis, May 2018
For real. People need to stop confusing International No Diet Day with "A day to cheat on your diet." Erasure is harmful.
@FatBodyPolitics, May 2014
We are getting ready for #NoDietDay on May 6th! 💙 / ~ No Diet Day is an initiative to reduce body-shaming, honor body inclusivity, and push back against diet culture.~ ...
@theelisaproject, Instagram, April 2019

Who uses International No Diet Day?

International No Diet Day is primarily used on May 6 by organizations and individuals promoting body acceptance and positivity. Organizations, for instance may expose the harms of fat-shaming …

… while individuals, especially women, will celebrate their bodies as they are and share stories about weight, health, and self-image.

Some seem to misunderstand the deeper point of International No Diet Day, using it to promote products or overindulge in food.

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