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War Eagle

What does War Eagle mean?

War Eagle is a rallying cry for the Auburn University athletic teams. Although the team’s official mascot is the tiger, screaming “Go Tigers” may earn you a shady look in Auburn, Alabama. Fans much prefer War Eagle.

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Where does War Eagle come from?

Examples of War Eagle

Boom!!!!!!!! War Eagle!
@CoachGusMalzahn, May, 2018
It felt good to walk into the school of a 2019 commit and the first person I see yells, “War Eagle!” 🔥🔥🦅🦅
@MarcusWoodsonAU, May, 2018
Play ball! ⚾ #WarEagle | #SECTourney
@AuburnBaseball, May, 2018

Who uses War Eagle?

Its association with sports is not the only usage for War Eagle. It is also a name that students at the Auburn, Alabama school use to refer to themselves.

Auburn University fans and alumni use the term as a greeting and to show their support of the school. School paraphernalia such as hats and t-shirts sport the phrase, while Auburn fans show their dedication to all things Tigers with the hashtag “#WarEagle.”

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