Words to Describe Your Broken Heart

Mending a Broken Heart

Heartbreak isn’t an easy fix. There’s no simple solution, but it helps to know that others have experienced – and survived – similar pain.

Are you looking for ways to let your heartbreak have its moment, so you can progress past the pain? Here’s a list of ten words associated with heartbreak. We’ve made sure to include a few tips and suggestions along the way to get your break on the mend.


Crushed over your recent heartbreak? More like demolished. It may feel like a wrecking ball has swooped in and destroyed your world, but you can pick up the pieces!

Get in touch with your inner-self with yoga on the beach or experience Mother Nature while hiking. Not only are you staying active, but you’re keeping your mind busy by focusing on something positive.


The end of a relationship can scorch you like a bad sunburn, but it can also serve as a valuable life lesson.

Like with any nasty burn, you can learn from the cause and effect to better prepare yourself for next time. Use this time to consider what qualities you really desire in a partner.


Dragging yourself out of bed each morning can be exhausting when apathy has set in. You might find you’re lacking interest and enthusiasm towards everyday activities.

So why not shake up your routine? Perhaps you could enroll in a cooking or painting class. The combination of learning new skills and meeting new people should help lift your spirits.


Your relationship has ended and now you’re left feeling hollow inside. A significant other is a great bonus, but don’t forget that you’re still powerful and capable as an individual.

Remember: This is the perfect time to practice self-care. Focus on loving and supporting yourself. If that means snuggling up with some hot chocolate and your favorite show, go for it!


During a heartbreak, you might find yourself feeling restless and impetuous. Your mind is all over the place, asking questions you may never get the answers to. Calm your mind by listening to a guided meditation on YouTube. No, really! Although it may seem cliche, meditation can be a powerful tool during turbulent times.


After a rough breakup, it’s hard to put on a cheerful front. Perhaps you’re feeling discouraged and despondent. Instead of marinating in your depression, get out of the house and spend quality time with your loved ones.

A serious relationship can dominate your social calendar. Take this opportunity to reconnect with old friends who fell out of the picture. Don’t be afraid to open up and let people know that you need support. That’s exactly what friends are for!


Sudden breakups can cause both physical and mental pain. The anguish you feel is real, but will not last forever.

As simple as it sounds, try writing your feelings down in a journal each day. You’ll find that less anger and sadness fill the pages over time. One useful trick is to write a strongly worded letter but never send it. This gives you the opportunity to vent your frustration without risking further conflict.


Putting your life back together after a breakup can be nerve-wracking. The challenges you face might seem frightening outside of the security your relationship provided, and it’s natural to feel anxious.

For your sanity, resist the temptation to constantly check-up on your ex. Playing detective with their social media feeds might cause you greater anxiety and distress. If your relationship ended painfully, it’s sometimes best to cut off contact until you’re both in a better place.


When a romantic connection turns sour, it’s easy to get bogged down in bitterness and resentment.

Instead, try to accept this outcome as a healthy learning experience. Easier said than done, right? In life, our biggest disappointments and setbacks have a strange way of preparing us for even greater rewards. You can do this!

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