Tired Slang We Can All Stop Using Now


Last year, we were all on fleek. If your eyebrows were curving the right way or that new outfit was banging, you weren’t ashamed to tell the world. But like all good things, it’s time to retire this overused term. Let’s face facts: you knew it was over once grandma started using fleek to describe her bedazzled phone case.


Sure, your bae is your boo or your tight squeeze. We get it. But nowadays, if you’re a hot couple, that’s called OTP: One True Pairing. Use that phrase if you’re looking for a classier and more refined three-letter acronym to profess your love.


Inserting the word hashtag to get your point across can be a little cringe-worthy. Of course, you can still use hashtags, but saying it out loud in normal conversation just sounds…wrong. While we’re at it – perhaps it’s time to abandon the practice of adding a gratuitous amount of hashtags at the end of all your posts? #opinion #thoughts #advice #justsaying

Can't Even

When something or someone is too ridiculous for words, your go-to response might be “I can’t even.” The next time your friend is acting absurd, why not tell her she’s being a little extra instead? Extra, which describes someone who’s just doing too much, was popularized by noted wordsmith Aubrey Drake Graham.


Squad had its glorious heyday a couple of years ago, and has clearly overstayed its welcome ever since. Look, we understand. It’s freaking cool to refer to your friends as a squadron. It makes your posse sound like a cutthroat group of Navy SEALs. But like most terms on this list, squad has been tainted by overuse. Your parents are going wine-tasting with their friends? Yeap, that’s a squad. A rambunctious group of tweens on their way to Urban Outfitters? Also a squad. Maybe it’s time to drop squad and find a more original name for your kickass team.


If someone is truly savage, they will ruthlessly go for the jugular to get their point across, so watch out. But strangely, this word doesn’t seem to pack the same punch on social media. That’s probably because we’ve drastically lowered the standards of what’s considered savage. Basically, anything remotely unusual or exciting can be described this way, and it needs to stop. “Jason’s eating mozzarella sticks at 3 am – what a savage!”


We all know about ghosting – like when someone you’re dating suddenly breaks off contact without even a text goodbye. But what about breadcrumbing? Sure, you get a few texts from this guy, but he never follows through with actually asking you out. Oh yeah, he’s totally breadcrumbing you.

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