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The term coronaversary is a slang term with several meanings, all related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can refer to a wedding anniversary that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, the anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, or the anniversary of the beginning of COVID-19 lockdowns.

The use of coronaversary to refer to the declaration of the pandemic by the WHO is also reflected in the alternative term “pandemicversary,” which is observed on March 11.

Coronaversary is often used in a facetious or ironic tone to express frustration with the various challenges caused by COVID-19.


  • My wife and I spent our coronaversary in quarantine.
  • We are coming up on the coronaversary, and the virus is still as deadly as ever.

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Where does coronaversary come from?

The word coronaversary is a blend of the words corona (shortened from coronavirus) here referring to the virus that caused the deadly COVID-19 pandemic) and anniversary. Coronavirus here refers to the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. An anniversary is a yearly recurrence of something or a celebration of the yearly date of a certain event.  

So, coronaversary can mean the commemoration of the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak or an anniversary, especially a wedding anniversary, that happened during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. 

The term coronaversary has been used on social media since nearly the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. As early as March 2020, coronaversary was used both to refer to an eventual anniversary of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and to wedding anniversaries that happened during the pandemic.

The word coronaversary would be used to refer both to the anniversary of the emergence of the virus in China during November 2019 and the anniversary of the virus reaching the United States around March of 2020. 

Coronaversary was mostly limited to social media although it was occasionally used in opinion pieces in some publications.

Examples of coronaversary

It’s almost our one year coronaversary, one year down, hopefully no more to go
@ssonnzz, February 1, 2021
It is 296 days since the first lockdown in March. We are fast approaching our Coronaversary—a full year since this global pandemic began. That it’s only NOW becoming mandatory for people to wear masks in supermarkets is staggering.
Polly Hudson, The Daily Mirror, January 13, 2021

Who uses coronaversary?

The term coronaversary is used on social media to mark the anniversary of the COVID-19 virus outbreak or to celebrate a wedding anniversary that happened during the pandemic. The former uses, of course, are usually meant to be sarcastic or flippant.

On March 11, 2021, the use of coronaversary dramatically increased as people recognized the one year anniversary of the day the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic.

The term “pandemicversary” was also used to “celebrate” March 11 as the anniversary of the declaration of the pandemic.


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