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Fri-yay or FriYAY [ frahy-yey ]

What does Friyay mean?

Friyay is a slang term used as an informal synonym for Friday. It’s also used as an interjection to celebrate and express joy that it’s Friday (and thus the beginning of the weekend), very similar to how the term TGIF is used.

Friyay is popularly used as the hashtag #Friyay on social media, often alongside positive content meant to celebrate Friday, such as selfies or photos of one’s Friday activities.

Example: It’s Friyay, y’all—time to cruise into the weekend!

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Where does Friyay come from?

Balloons spelling out "FRIYAY"

Friyay is a combination of Friday and the celebratory interjection yay.

Friyay has been used on social media to celebrate Friday since at least 2009 and was likely used even before the emergence of social media.

Examples of Friyay

HAPPY FRIYAY!!! What're you doing this weekend?!
@HEARTDEFENSOR, August 26, 2016
Jessica Alba is celebrating “#friYAY” with a little bit of lightening up! The mother-of-three shared a cute Instagram video on Friday Feb. 4 to show off her blond highlighted bob, going from a deep chestnut brown to a highlighted honey style.
Cynthia Cook, Hollywood Life, February 2022

Who uses Friyay?

Friyay is primarily used on social media by people celebrating the arrival of Friday. It’s commonly used as an informal synonym for Friday, as a celebratory interjection, or as the hashtag #Friyay.



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