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What does fronking mean?

Fronking is a joke slang term referring to farting in water and then “biting” the resulting bubbles. It’s also a euphemism for fucking, as in this fronking guy.

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Where does fronking come from?

Rebel Circus

The “fart-bite-bubble” fronking was posted to Urban Dictionary by user Fronkenstein on July 7, 2014. The made-up, nonsense, potty-humor word (and concept) did not gain much traction outside Fronksenstein and his comrades until December 11, 2018, when comedian Seth Rogan tweeted about it.

His many fans and followers really appreciated his random Urban Dictionary find.

Interest in the word even inspired the hashtag #fronking.

Before Seth Rogan popularized this niche definition, fronking was used since at least 1995 a euphemism for fucking, like fricking or fragging. The newfound popularity of the “fart-bite-bubble” fronking, though, helped give the “fucking” fronking a boost.

Examples of fronking

Ahh yes! Good ole' fronking!! #SharingisCaring #HaveaHeartShareYourFart
@LondonBradley_, December 2018
Seth Rogen and the Urban Dictionary. Sounds like a fronking awesome band name.
@Synapsesame, December 2018
Was #Fronking identified during the #Kavanaugh hearings as a favorite frat boy pastime?  #BiteMyBubble
@pitchfork_latte, December 2018

Who uses fronking?

Before Seth Rogan popularized the stranger, fartier sense of fronking, it was mostly used as a polite replacement for fucking.

Otherwise, people talk about the “fart-bubble-bite” fronking as a joke, amused by the mere idea of it. At least we hope they’re just talking about it as as joke…


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