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frito pie

[ free-toh pay ]

What is Frito pie?

Frito pie consists of corn chips (often Fritos) mixed with chili, cheese, and other ingredients. Frito pie is often mixed and served directly in the bag of chips, but the same combination is also sometimes served in a dish.

The specific ingredients used in Frito pie vary, but chili and cheese are often the main fillings.

Frito pie is most popular in the Southwestern, Southern, and Midwestern regions of the US, especially Texas. In places where the term is used, Frito pie is popular at sporting events and fairs.

In some places, particularly the Midwest, the term walking taco is used to refer to what in other places is called Frito pie. However, walking tacos (which are almost always eaten directly out of a bag of chips) often consist of taco fillings, as opposed to chili (though they may have many ingredients in common, namely seasoned ground beef and shredded cheese).

Example: For me, Frito pie is the ultimate comfort food—it makes me feel like I’m back at a high school football game on a Friday night.

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Where does frito pie come from?

frito pie

The origin of the term Frito pie is uncertain, and the original creation of the dish has been attributed to multiple people, including several relatives of Charles Doolin, the founder of the company that became Frito-Lay. Records of the name Frito pie date back to at least 1946.

The name Frito pie is likely a reference to its most traditional version, which specifically uses Fritos corn chips. Despite the use of the word pie in its name, Frito pie when made in a dish more closely resembles a casserole.

Examples of frito pie

My family knows me so well For my birthday, taken to a gas station in west Texas that serves sushi and frito pie.
@kurteichenwald, June 28, 2017
If locals had challenges making Frito pie — some resorted to chili cheese Fritos or Doritos — area restaurants that serve it reported no disruptions.
Teya Vitu, Santa Fe New Mexican, November 2021

Who uses frito pie?

Frito pie—the term and the food—is most common in the Southwestern, Southern, and Midwestern regions of the US, especially Texas. It’s popular at sporting events and fairs.

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