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pushing P

pushin P, pushin 🅿️ [ poosh-ing pee ]

What does pushing P mean?

Pushing P (usually styled as pushin P or pushin’ P) is a slang term that’s most commonly used to roughly mean acting with integrity and style while maintaining and displaying one’s success (similar to the meaning of the slang terms keeping it player and keeping it real). The P in the phrase is most often interpreted as standing for the slang word player (often styled as playa).

For example, a person who remains true to themself and their friends while also maintaining great success and wealth (displayed through luxury possessions and lifestyle) would be said to be pushin p.

However, the term is especially known for having a flexible meaning. Other uses and interpretations of the phrase are also positive but may be more specific. The P in pushin P is also sometimes used by itself to refer to such behavior or specific things considered good. Sometimes, it’s used to refer to specific words that start with P, such as paper (a slang term for money).

The phrase was popularized by the 2022 song “pushin P” by rappers Gunna, Future, and Young Thug. The phrase features prominently in the song’s lyrics, which use it to mean different things (intentionally leaving such meanings up to interpretation).

On social media, the P in the phrase is often depicted as the P Button emoji 🅿️ (including in posts by Gunna himself).

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What is the origin of pushing P?

Photo of Gunna, the rapper.

The phrase pushin P was popularized by the song “pushin P” from Gunna’s 2022 album DS4EVER. Although the song is a collaboration between Gunna and Future and also features Young Thug, Gunna is primarily credited with popularizing the term. Gunna has said that he didn’t coin the phrase but rather used it after learning it from people he grew up with in Georgia. Although the exact origin of the phrase pushin P is unknown, musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area of California have claimed it was coined there.

Gunna has provided varying answers about the term’s meaning, indicating that the P stands for player but can also stand for other things, such as P words like peace and paper.

After the release of “pushin P,” the slang term became a popular phrase on social media in early 2022, including as a topic of memes, many of which made jokes based on its vague or flexible meaning.

Examples of pushing P

No women is perfect but all women are 🅿️erfect……..Pushin 🅿️
@1GunnaGunna, February 6, 2022
In the video, the three rappers push P as they board private jets, try on jewelry, buy out luxury stores with beautiful women, and drop handfuls of cash at a strip club.
Tomás Mier, Rolling Stone, January 2022

Who uses pushing P?

The slang term pushin P is usually used positively. It’s especially known for having a flexible meaning and is strongly associated with Gunna. During its initial spike in popularity in early 2022, the term entered mainstream usage, including use by brand accounts on social media.

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