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What does mangina mean?

Mangina is a derogatory term for any man perceived as effeminate, especially used online to put down men who identify as feminists. It can also insult the genitals of persons of all gender identities.

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Where does mangina come from?

Examples of mangina

To the guy walking the 4lbs dog...Your mangina is showing.
@de2theJay, July 2018
Any feminist-leaning thing I've written is predictably met with some men labelling me a "mangina," which one commenter helpfully defined as a man with an "extreme need to seek approval from females to the point of eradicating his own self and becoming a servant eunuch."
Micah Toub, The Globe and Mail, May 2018
Mangina politicians and their policies making business out of #FakeCases to extort money out of innocent men. No legal safeguards for innocent men from lying, vile, greedy women.Anyone supporting these laws,hope you realise what they can do to your honest innocent male relatives.
@5K4R, July 2018

Who uses mangina?

Mangina is almost always used as a sexist way to insult a person’s masculinity. Most of the time, mangina refers to a person’s character: Calling someone a mangina implies that they are weak and effeminate. This can be a general insult but the political right online often use it to target progressives and male feminists.

Mangina can also be used as a way to demean someone’s genitals. This use, sometimes playful and other times mean, can be applied to either men or women, implying that either a woman isn’t womanly enough or a man isn’t manly enough, or so on. When aimed at a person of non-binary gender identity, mangina is extremely offensive.

Among fans of The Mighty Boosh, mangina is a shibboleth for the character of Old Gregg.


Mangina is also a surname, though not a hugely common one. (We’re so sorry. Was high school awful?)

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