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rim job

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What does rim job mean?

A rim job is sexual slang for performing oral sex on someone’s anus.

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Where does rim job come from?

Before the late 1960s, a rim job was almost exclusively the domain of automotive mechanics: the work of putting new rims onto a car’s wheels. With the rise of the adult film industry in the late 1960–70s, rim job entered the public discourse as an informal term for anilingus.

That more technical word for rim jobanilingus, is recorded in an 1899 translation of Psychopathia Sexualis, a German encyclopedia of sexual terms. Rim job is evidenced by 1970, based on job for “sex act” (e.g., blowjob for oral stimulation of the penis). The rim apparently refers to the shape of the anus—a kind of ring of muscle that acts as the “rim” around the hole.

Examples of rim job

Imagine working on the set of Pacific rim? You be like eh I gotta go to that Pacific rim job.
@Emdecay, July 18, 2018
How do you ask your husband to give you a rim job even if you don’t want to balance the butt-licking scales?
Yana Tallon-Hicks, The Valley Advocate, June 5, 2017
[Trixie] Mattel’s got a gift for dark, dry humor that’s on vivid display in her one-woman shows such as Ages 3 and Up. As Billboard Pride reported last month, fans mistakenly took that ironic title literally and brought young kids to a show that involves a bit about Mattel giving her father a rim job.
Bryan Rindfuss, San Antonio Current, June 28, 2018

Who uses rim job?

Rim job isn’t for polite conversation, as it is an intimate sex act.

That said, rim jobs is often the source of unintentional (or intentional) humor, especially when making puns on automative rims. Actually, all types of rims are fair game for cheap rim shots.

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