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spank bank

or spank-bank or spankbank [spangk bangk]

What does spank bank mean?

A spank bank is a mental, and less often physical and digital, collection of images or situations stored away to call up later while masturbating.

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Where does spank bank come from?

spank bank
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Spank bank’s origin is clear from the individual terms in the compound. Spank is a slang term for (male) masturbation, often used in the phrase spank the monkey, and a bank is a place to store similar items (e.g., blood bank or word bank). 

As a term, spank bank was popularized in the late 1990s, particularly among young men. In the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You, one male character says to another about his female love interest: “She, my friend, is what we will spend the rest of our lives not having. Put her in your ‘Spank Bank’ and move on.”

Spank bank has appeared in erotic fiction, especially online, since at least the early 2000s. And, as internet pornography proliferated in the early 2000s, spank bank began showing up in tags, categories, and compilation video titles as well as online forums and comments.

Examples of spank bank

What’s the equivalent of a spank bank but for people getting broke up with way worse than you
@SaveTheMayotee, March, 2018
Would he make a move on me? Or was he just looking to fill his spank bank with someone untouchable? A grin spread over my face—if he did come after me, I wouldn’t make it easy—he’d have to work for it. And if he was using me for spank bank material, it would soon get out and my uncle would deal with him.
Khloe Wren, Inking Eagle, 2017
Think of it this way: my favorite thing in the world is when people masturbate to me. It is literally my job. But if my guy friends told me I was in their spank bank, even I’d be grossed out. Most women don’t want to hear about their friends’ masturbatory habits; that applies tenfold if their fantasies actually involve them, and a hundredfold if they haven’t signed up for a career like porn, where you consent to people jerking off to your image.
Asa Akira, Men's Health, March, 2018

Who uses spank bank?

Though spank bank does nod to male masturbation (e.g., spank the monkey), women also use the term. Women often use the term when they are pointing out that women, just as men, have sex drives. Nevertheless, it is more common to hear young adult males using the term spank bank, often in a misogynistic tone.

Spank bank is most often still used in sexual contexts, especially online or in off-color remarks in a familiar group. However, spank bank can metaphorically refer to any kind of mental collection for later enjoyment or encouragement, such as a literary spank bank of motivational quotes. The extension of the term, here, implies content that one intellectually or aesthetically “gets off to.”

Punning on the financial bank, some users describe the act of mentally noting sexy images or situations as making a deposit into the spank bank. A person may be described as spank-bank material, spank-bank-worthy, or spank bankable.


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