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or fap fap fap or fapper [fap]

What does fap mean?

Fap is a slang term for male masturbation. It’s often found on the internet and seen in repetition (e.g., fap fap fap).

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Where does fap come from?

Buzz. Moo. Ding. Fap. What do all these have in common? They are onomatopoeia. Fap is meant to imitate the sound of a man masturbating. (Wow, bad visual.)

Fap is first credited to an English translation of a scene from the Japanese manga Heartbroken Angels (Kizudarake no Tenshitachi) by Masahiko Kikuni, a series which ran from 1988–1991. The manga was known for its absurd situations and characters, and in it, fap itself appears in a scene where God is masturbating while looking up a girl’s skirt as she climbs a ladder to escape.

Fap was used increasingly in manga and webcomics throughout the 1990–2000s to represent male masturbation. In 2002, a definition of fap was added to Urban Dictionary. Since then, fap has become common in online forms and social media, from satirical YouTube videos explaining “How to Fap” to a 2015 porn parody of the film Back to the Future, Fap to the Future.

Speaking of porn, in the early 2000s fap was added to the commonplace language of porn (e.g. spicy fap videos), which are apparently quite stimulating, we guess. In 2006, the adult porn site ImageFap launched, capitalizing on this newish slang term for jerking off. Then, there was The Fappening (a blend of fap and happening), a 2014 iCloud hack that released dozens of nude celebrity photos online. You can guess what horny 15-year-olds did with them.

The hashtag “#nofap” is used by members of the so-called No Fap movement, who encourage their followers to quit porn in order to “improve relationships and reach sexual heath goals.” Practicing no-fap is popular amongst followers of Roosh V and other so-called Pick-Up Artists (PUAs) of the manosphere.

Examples of fap

When you think about it...fapping to porn of women fapping to porn is like...pornception.
@NspireIfYaNasty, August, 2018
"The celeb faceswap gifs and videos seem to be slowly disappearing from this [subreddit], and now the discord is gone... I'm worried that the best fap fuel may be about to be buried," one user wrote.
Quoted by Rob Price, Business Insider, January, 2018

Who uses fap?

Fap is a verb. It’s commonly found in gerund form, as in fapping in the sink is gross. It also is sometimes a noun, a fapper. 

Inevitably with internet culture, fap inspired memes. One, created in 2011, is a kind of rage comic depicting a character, Fap Guy, with a strained face and fapping whenever a woman shows the slightest kindness to or interest in him.

While fap is a staple of internet porn, it can also have a humorous or playful (if still gross) effect, used not just for sexual desire but for satisfaction and pleasure more generally (e.g., in response to your team winning the Super Bowl).

Women will occasionally use fap, too, for their masturbation, though other colorful terms have been suggested (shlick).

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