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What does unsult mean?

An unsult is a backhanded compliment, i.e., an insult packaged as a compliment.

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Where does unsult come from?


The term unsult traces back a 2009 episode of The Simpsons called “Father Knows Worst.” A storyline in this episode follows the lovable oaf Homer as he tries to make his smartypants daughter Lisa popular. He buys a book on how to do this and it advises trying unsults, or “insults disguised as compliments.”

A tribute to the influence of The Simpsonsunsult spread as slang term. It has even been classed as a slang term of “Generation Z,” or those born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s.

Online, however, unsult faces a tough battle, as letters I and U are next to each other on QWERTY keyboards. That means people have typed an awful lot of unsults meant as insults.

Examples of unsult

if i unsult you and make inappropriate jokes around you our friendship is real
@jaydofiel, September 2013 insult tucked inside a compliment. Unsult. She’d make snide remarks and backhanded compliments so you’d think she was being nice and later you’d think and go… huh?
Wendy Roberts, A Grave Search, 2018

“Fun but also kind of a bitch." Joon licked a green dollop of guac that clung to the corner of his mouth. “Not an outright bitch but the kind who’d give you an unsult.”

Roberts, Wendy, A Grave Search, 2018

Who uses unsult?

As is the nature of insults, unsults aren’t meant in a friendly manner. They are considered very sarcastic and passive-aggressive.

Some of us, however, prove able to put a positive spin on an unsult, finding empowerment in the intended attack.

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