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What does yesn't mean?

Yesn’t is a negative used to express dissent or an unwillingness to do something.

It is another (or better) way of saying “no.”

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Examples of Yesn’t


Examples of Yesn’t
We've created, "Yesn't"
@AbrahamMor3, October, 2017
No we yesn't.
@Calleja, May, 2014
No = Yesn’t

Yes = Non’t = Yesn’tn’t

@miquelreyes23, May, 2018

Where does Yesn’t come from?

Yesn’t is an alternative to “no” that is often used on social-media sites, especially Twitter. It is a contraction of the the words yes and not, with the apostrophe taking the place of the o in not. It is also often used on social media without the apostrophe, too. Who cares about grammar, right?

The word gained popularity in May, 2018 with the creation of a petition by Ewan Maloney. Titled “Change the word ‘No’ in the English language to ‘Yesn’t’,” the petition was not directed at anyone or thing in particular; however, it quickly drew thousands of co-signers.

Fans also created a subreddit devoted to the subject of yesn’t—it’s not a real thing if it’s not on Reddit.

Who uses Yesn’t?

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