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  1. How To Help Your Kids Write A Letter To Santa

    Kids’ letters to Santa Claus are one of the most magical parts of the season. They help Old Saint Nick decide just what to deliver, and they give his helper elves on the streets the insight they need to make Christmas wishes come true.  The tradition of writing letters to Santa dates back to the 1800s. Originally, it was Santa who wrote letters to the …

  2. Words You Need To Know To Watch The Classic Holiday Movies

    Along with presents and beautifully decorated trees, the holidays deliver the blessing of movies that are part of many family traditions! From Miracle on 34th Street to Elf, these are the movies we watch over and over again every holiday season. (Ready for that Christmas Story marathon? We are!) These beloved classics are chockablock with dialogue we have heard so many times … but do we …

  3. How Do I Write A Thank-You Card?

    Whether you’re basking in the glow of holiday gifts, a fantastic dinner party, or just a kind gesture, there’s nothing better than doubling everyone’s joy with a thoughtful thank-you card. In a world gone paperless, cards are tangible pieces of mail that can brighten up anyone’s day. Not to mention … they’re a warm showing of good manners.  As heartfelt as our emotions of gratitude …

  4. Ways To Say You Can’t Eat Anymore

    Learn how to politely decline those 3rd and 4th helpings by dazzling your family with some sparkling synonyms. They won't know what hit 'em.
  5. Do Other Countries Have A Thanksgiving?

    Is the United States the only country in the world to celebrate Thanksgiving? These two hosts figure it out.
  6. Why Is It Called “Stuffing” And “Dressing”?

    Traditionally, turkey is served on Thanksgiving. It’s the star of the meal. However, some people are even more enthusiastic about its reliable sidekick—stuffing … or is it called dressing? Americans are hardly the first people to stuff their roast birds. Evidence suggests in Ancient Rome and throughout the Middle East that people put bread, spices, and all kinds of other goodies into the cavity of …

  7. What Exactly Is A Cornucopia?

    It’s Thanksgiving, you’re sitting around the table, the food is coming out, and you look up, salivating, only to see a giant horn full of fruits and veggies sitting in the middle of the table. Why is this here, and what does it mean?
  8. Is Veterans Day A Big Grammar Mistake?

    What do apostrophes have to do with this federal holiday? Well, there’s a confusing apostrophe in Veterans’ Day—or is there? Veterans Day is often incorrectly written as “Veteran’s Day” or “Veterans’ Day.” But, in fact, it’s apostrophe free. “Veteran’s Day” would definitely be incorrect because it means a day for only one veteran. While “Veterans’ Day” does encompass multiple veterans, that spelling is incorrect according …

  9. The Day After Halloween Is Actually Called Hallowmas

    Halloween is actually just the beginning of a string of otherworldly holidays. The tricks, treats, and customs of Halloween, now mostly secular, are based in part on an ancient Celtic and Christian festivals. What is Hallowmas? November 1st is All Saints’ Day, when all Christian saints are recognized. The Roman Catholic Church sometimes calls All Saints Day’ is the Solemnity of All Saints, but an older …

  10. What Word Did Your State Look Up Last Halloween?

    We analyzed our search data at Dictionary.com for Halloween. What word did your state look up last year?