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  1. Better Words To Use Instead Of “Crazy”

  2. Oh, No! How To Say “No” To Mom And Other Family Members

    Having trouble saying no to mom and other loved ones? Are you one of those people who finds it harder to say no to friends and family than your employer? If you are, you may be looking for a few tips on how to say no without damaging important relationships. After all, your boss is probably less likely to take your refusal personally.  The key to saying …

  3. How To Ask The Right Questions

    Real talk? Dealing with people can be … exhausting. Of course it can also be beautiful, rewarding, and joyous, but when you’re looking for answers, it can be tiring trying to get a full and complete one. Maybe there’s a master evader in your life (a teenager, perhaps?), or maybe it’s your job to pin down a certain, er, politician, who has a problem with …

  4. The Best (And Worst) Things To Say While Public Speaking

    It’s said that some 10 percent of people love public speaking. They’re excited at the thought of presenting their ideas in front of a crowd, and get a buzz from the whole experience. Then, there’s the majority of us … who are hesitant (experiencing everything from a few butterflies to a full-blown panic) about talking in front of groups. (Glossophobia, which stems from the word …

  5. What’s The Funniest Word Your Kid Has Mixed Up?

    It's always funny (and endearing) when kids misspeak. Have your kids mixed up these words too?
  6. How Do You Say These Words In Your Part Of The Country?

    Have you ever heard a phrase said in a different part of the country, and it's said in just a slightly different way than how you say it back home? Those different phrases are called regionalisms. Do you use any in your state?
  7. 9.5 Different Ways To Ask Kids About Their Days

  8. Modern Words To Show Yourself Some Love

  9. How To Say “No” With Words That Will Make Coworkers Listen

    No, nay, nix … there are many ways to say no, but how can you say it so people actually listen?  In today’s society, the word no is often viewed as a starting point for negotiating. That can be frustrating, if not dangerous, for many people. It can be especially hard for those who struggle to say the word in the first place, either out …

  10. What Are Some Antonyms For Top Slang Words?