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Mendacity was our top trending word the week of Feb. 9–13, 2018, peaking at an 845% increase in searches. So, what’s mendacity? Lying, untruthfulness, falsehoods—all mendacity. Here’s why it’s newsworthy this week:

  • Trump has some mendacity, for sure. Even his lawyers know it, which is why they are advising him not to meet with Mueller re: the Russia investigation, because lying to the FBI, even if you aren’t under oath, is against the law.
  • Ireland is dealing with some mendacity too. For one, they are trying to avoid mendacity surrounding Brexit (something they aren’t too keen on joining). And, apparently women have a reputation of mendacity in Ireland as well, since they’ve had to lie to get birth-control pills (saying they were raped) for far too long.

Cesspool trended this week, increasing in searches by 587%. And, it’s the first time it’s made our trending list! But, it may not be as happy of a story from here on out … Hawaii has been called out as a “floating cesspool.” They are having a big sewage problem, and it’s affecting their drinking water and their beautiful ocean water too. The New York Post stated “Surfers and snorkellers have fallen victim to skin infections and the state’s drinking water, its coral reefs and famous beaches are all under threat because of a cesspool crisis.” Oh mannn.

Dreckitude is not a word in the dictionary, but it made our trending list this week anyways. Urban Dictionary defines it as “Used to describe something that is a wreck and absolute trash or rubbish. Comes from Wreck, Dreck/Drek, and Attitude. In reference to anything from exaggerated and over inflated claims, a bad personality, and especially horrible style, or awful modeling, and everything in between.” Why’s it trending, you ask? Well, Andre Leon Talley is a judge on ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) this season, and he explained it all for us in last week’s episode. And then, The New York Times used it in their article, “Trump Shows Us the Way.” What’s next for dreckitude … maybe a formal definition?

Curling has been trending all week, hitting a 243% increase in searches. It is a Winter Olympic Sport and it’s also apparently one of Mr. T’s favorites. He’s been tweeting about it … a lot. #curlingiscoolfool

Shrove trended this week because February 13th was Shrove Tuesday. Shrove is a simple past tense of shrive (to hear confessions, or to confess). So, on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Lent for Catholics) people confess their sins and get ready to give up some food—and eggs, flour, and milk used to be staples of what people gave up. So, now Shrove Tuesday is often also called Fat Tuesday or Pancake Day because people eat doughnuts, pancakes, and other things made with those three ingredients before their fast.

Amore and valentine both trended this week. We wonder why … Even though love wasn’t on the list, we made a pretty cool video about it. Check it out and tell us what love means to you!

Hotness increased in searches by 100% this week thanks to Barack Obama. Man, we miss him.

Sweetheart was up 135% this week in searches due to Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon who called himself America’s sweetheart during an online feud with Donald Trump Jr. about Mike Pence. He said “I don’t want my Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence. I want it to be about my amazing figure skating and being America’s sweetheart.” He truly is America’s sweetheart, and we love him for his outspokenness and confidence.

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