Printable Valentines To Spark Kids’ Love Of Words

For grown-ups, Valentine’s Day means roses, champagne, and overpriced chocolate. But for kids, Valentine’s Day is all about fun! They get to eat heart-shaped candies, have class parties, and open cute cards from all of their friends.

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While this holiday is all about the love vibes for couples 😉, for kids it’s an opportunity to celebrate the people in their lives who make them feel some of the other words for love: friendship, fondness, caring, admiration. Which means Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to get kids acquainted with brand new words to describe their feelings. Their friend is amazing, or maybe they’re unique! Mom is fun, and maybe she’s amusing or enjoyable too!

With vocab in mind (let’s be real, it’s always on our mind), we created some kid-friendly printable Valentine’s Day cards that use words and synonyms to celebrate the joy of friendship and send happy wishes to the people kids care about most.

You can find printable versions of all eight cards here. 

There are eight unique cards in all, and they can be printed out and glued to card stock or colored construction paper. You can personalize the cards by adding glitter or stickers, or punch a hole in the corner of each card and use a piece of ribbon to attach it to a lollipop, glowstick, or other fun treat.

The best part is that these are a fun crafting experience and a learning opportunity. The cards were crafted using synonyms for common words you see on typical store-bought valentines, you know … words like awesome, magical, happy, great, and sweet.

But now as kids exercise their creative muscles while crafting these cards, they may not even realize they’re also growing their vocabulary by learning fresh, new terms for some of the most used words around this lovely holiday (and coincidentally the most searched words on

You can find printable versions of all eight cards here. 

And don’t forget to tag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so we can check out your creations … we provide the words, you all provide the imagination and inspiration for how to use them (and their synonyms too!) in the wild.

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