Synonyms for the Season: Valentine’s Day

Are you tired of filling out your greeting cards with “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!” every year? Are you one clichéd love note away from throwing in the towel altogether? We understand your pain and are here to help you woo that special someone without triggering their gag reflex.

Every Valentine’s Day, people flock to and to explore new words to use in their love letters (and possibly their breakup letters, too). The synonyms that spike in look-ups around this holiday are particularly interesting. Here are a few of the top trending love look-ups from you need to know before composing your own sweet nothings this year:


If you approach your love life with verve, you’re doing something right. This term comes from French (arguably one of the more romantic languages) and means “enthusiasm or vigor.” If your bae is always the life of the party, try complimenting her verve this Valentine’s Day. Maybe she will save a dance for you.


Your partner is smart, and you desperately want to sound as smart as her. Try using this term, which comes from an Old Norse word literally meaning “to strike.” It conveys not only intelligence, but also wit and cunning. It’s no wonder users was looking up this word last year in record numbers.


Maybe you are missing some verve of your own and rely on your partner to pump you up. If he fills you with life and energy, let him know with this classic term. Of course, don’t confuse it with 
 (the exact opposite) or 
 (to give nervous energy).


From the French word meaning “straight up and down,” this term is all about poise and composure. Maybe your loved one has it, or maybe you need some to get through this particular holiday. Either way, telling him he has great aplomb sounds way better than “Gee, you’re swell.”


This fiery word, meaning “passionate,” once referred to the tendency for alcoholic beverages (like brandy) to catch flame. If you want to spark a fire with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, try using ardent. When has fire ever steered you wrong in the past?


Though there are no synonyms for such a unique term of endearment, last year on Valentine’s Day, this charming noun sent everyone scrambling to find out what it meant. Don’t let this obsolete word’s etymology discourage you from using it (truly, “pig’s eye” was considered a compliment). Instead of addressing your love letter “Darling” or “Dear,” try using “Pigsney.” At the very least, it will make her pause and think for a moment, hopefully about you.

What are your favorite love letter words? Share them with us!

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