14 Words That Are Spelled Right But Look So Wrong

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You don’t need us to tell you that spelling words correctly is not always easy. For evidence, you only need to look at the word mispelled … and then look again because we just misspelled it!

But even when you get everything just right, sometimes things just feel off. There are certain words out there that—even when all of the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed—just don’t look right. It might be a silent letter that we really think should speak up, or it could be just that the letter Q bothered to show up at all for once. Whatever it is, there are certain words that just look wrong even when spelled perfectly.

We asked via Twitter what words made our readers’ skin crawl despite being spelled exactly as they are supposed to. The words colonel, receipt, and choir were strong contenders but just managed to avoid our ire for the moment. If those words gave you goosebumps, you may need to brace yourself for this list. These egregious words really should reconsider how they present themselves.

We asked:

You answered:

1. We’re still not going to call it Hump Day and you can’t make us.

2. It really should be mandatory that the word moist is always accompanied by a series of disgusted emoji. 

3. This word should have to go to the back of the line.

 4. We aren’t done yelling at the letter Q yet.

5. Fans of Wienerschnitzel can also relate.

6. This silent G needs to resign.

7. This word is playing some kind of trick on us, right?

8. It’s all just a bunch of … well, you know!

9. You’re excused if you can’t spell these. Tell them we said so.

10. If only we had a word to describe how we feel about nonplussed …

11. A silent U is a good gauge that your spelling is all kinds of messed up.

Is it correct to spell the treat "doughnut" or "donut"? Dunk into the facts here.

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