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Thursday, May 25, 2000

Definitions for platitude

  1. Staleness of ideas or language; triteness.
  2. A thought or remark that is banal, trite, or stale.

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Citations for platitude
Yet a curious thing happens in this book: Whatever promise it offers of satire and enlightened vision dissipates into cliche and platitude. Edward Rothstein, New York Times
The average sports memoir is a prodigy of simpering modesty and high-minded platitude: enough to rot the mind and sap the morals of the sturdiest child. Wilfrid Sheed, New York Times
Origin of platitude
Platitude derives from French plat, "flat." It is related to plate, a flat piece of metal or a flat dish in which food is served or from which it is eaten; and plateau, a broad, level, elevated area of land. The adjective form of platitude is platitudinous.