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Friday, December 26, 2003

Definitions for superannuated

  1. Discharged or disqualified on account of old age; retired from service, especially with a pension.
  2. Old; no longer in use; no longer valid; outmoded.

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Citations for superannuated
Saddest of crackpot theories, said Dr. Bederson, "come from superannuated, formerly fine scientists who late in their careers get bored doing bread-and-butter stuff." James Glanz, New York Times
Jack affects a magicianly air as he limps around on a shepherd's staff and masks his essential sadism by couching his cruel remarks in the hushed oh-wow voice of a superannuated hippie. Stephen Holden, New York Times
Origin of superannuated
Superannuated derives from Medieval Latin superannuatus, "too old," from Latin super, "above, over" + annus, "year."