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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Definitions for ancillary

  1. Subordinate; subsidiary.
  2. Auxiliary; helping.
  3. Something that is subordinate to something else.

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Citations for ancillary
The dining room, never used except as an ancillary larder, a cool place in which to set jellies and store meat, eggs and fish for the cat, is unchanged in essentials since I first came here in 1945. Angela Carter, Shaking a Leg
The forty-two active divisions, comprising 600,000 men, would on mobilisation take with them into the field another twenty-five reserve divisions and ancillary reserve units, raising the war strength of the army to over three million. John Keegan, The First World War
Origin of ancillary
Ancillary comes from Latin ancillaris, from ancilla, "female servant."