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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Definitions for commensurate

  1. Equal in measure, extent, or duration.
  2. Corresponding in size or degree or extent; proportionate.
  3. Having a common measure; commensurable; reducible to a common measure; as, commensurate quantities.

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Citations for commensurate
A new era, Hoover called it, one that was witnessing breathtaking transformations in traditional ways of life and that demanded commensurate transformations in the institutions and techniques sof government. David M. Kennedy, Freedom from Fear
It is almost a rule: the successful American--Vanderbilt, Frick, Rockefeller, Hearst, Gates--builds himself a house commensurate with his fortune. Michael Knox Beran, The Last Patrician
Origin of commensurate
Commensurate is from Late Latin commensuratus, from Latin com-, "with, together" + Late Latin mensuratus, past participle of mensurare, "to measure," from Latin mensura, "measure."