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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Definitions for recidivism

  1. A tendency to lapse into a previous condition or pattern of behavior; especially, a falling back or relapse into prior criminal habits.

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Citations for recidivism
Mr. Atrens's basic argument is that it's physiologically almost impossible for many people to lose weight, as evidenced by a high recidivism rate and the unflagging profitability of diet paraphernalia, from liquid concoctions to surgeons' staples. Karen Stabiner, New York Times
I was engaged in a major research project that involved twenty-six countries, studying how to prevent recidivism in juvenile delinquents released from prison. Peggy Claude-Pierre, The Secret Language of Eating Disorders
Origin of recidivism
Recidivism derives from Latin recidivus, "falling back," from recidere, "to fall back," from re-, "back" + cadere, "to fall." One who relapses or who is an incorrigible criminal is a recidivist.