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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Definitions for squiz

  1. a quick, close look.
  2. to peer at quickly and closely.

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Citations for squiz
He'd been at me for months to come in and have a squiz at the work he'd done, but I really didn't care that much, and kept putting him off. Peter Doyle, The Devil's Jump, 2001
She shrugged--which sort of annoyed me too--and I led her clomping to the front room where the sun was streaming in, and I had another squiz. Anne Kennedy, The Last Days of the National Costume, 2013
Origin of squiz
The noun squiz is a piece of slang used in Australian and New Zealand. Most slang terms are of uncertain origin, and squiz is no exception: it is possibly a blend of quiz and squint. Squiz entered English in the 20th century.