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  1. a combining form meaning “child,” used in the formation of compound words: pedophilia.
Also especially before a vowel, ped-; especially British, paedo-.

Origin of pedo-1

variant spelling of paedo- < Greek paido-, combining form of paid- (stem of paîs) child


  1. a combining form meaning “soil,” used in the formation of compound words: pedocal.
Also especially before a vowel, ped-.

Origin of pedo-2

< Greek, combining form of pédon
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British Dictionary definitions for pedo-


before a vowel ped-

combining form
  1. variants (esp US) of paedo-


combining form
  1. indicating soilpedocal

Word Origin

from Greek pedon
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Word Origin and History for pedo-

before vowels ped-, word-forming element meaning "boy, child," from Greek pedo-, comb. form of pais "boy, child," especially a son, from PIE root *peu- "small, little, few, young" (see few (adj.)). The British form paed- is better because it avoids confusion with ped-.

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pedo- in Medicine


  1. Child; children:pedodontics.
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