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    Digging Up Old Slang For Body Parts

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    Words of the 20s: What Dapper Flappers Used to Say

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    Misusing Travesty Is A Tragedy

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    Lyrics We Totally Didn’t Get As Kids

  5. It’s A Blithesome Holiday Word of the Day Quiz

    It’s a Dictionary.com propine: The Word of the Day Quiz! Tell us your favorite word from this week below (and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter)! If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser.   Improve your vocabulary with our Visual Word of the Day videos. See this week’s here.  

  6. Non-Traditional Holidays We Should Be Celebrating

  7. Sizzlin’ Southern Sayings

    The charming (and sometimes confusing) sayings from the south you should know.

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    How To Make Small Talk

  9. Unlocking Coded Video Game Slang

  10. What The Nog: What’s Eggnog?

    What’s in eggnog? Frothy, creamy eggnog is a festive favorite in England, Canada, and America. This winter drink consists of milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks. There are many versions of the drink, using alcohols like rum, brandy, whiskey, and bourbon. And, it often is flavored with everything from molasses to cinnamon to nutmeg to dried pumpkin. Now, there’s even soynog or nutnog, a version of …