Dictionary Week: It’s A Word Party, And You’re Invited!

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Thank you for celebrating Dictionary Week with us in honor of Dictionary.com’s 28th birthday! Check out all the highlights here!

😜 Wordplay Day

Monday, May 15 

Will you be inducted into our Pun Hall of Fame?

Dictionary Week kicks off with a very special Punday Monday. Share your favorite puns with us on Twitter—we might add yours to our Pun Hall Of Fame

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Plus: Get in on the Wordplay Day fun with wordplay quizzes, word games, and more. 

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😍 Word Love Day

Tuesday, May 16 

It’s a Word Giveaway!

We know you love words just as much as we do. So we’ve prepared a special surprise for all you logophiles. Join us on Twitter for a Word Giveaway, featuring favorite words personally selected by the Dictionary.com team! Don’t miss your chance to get a limited edition virtual word certificate—while they last! 

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Plus: Check out our Word Love collection, curated especially for word lovers. 

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🤕 Word Pain Day

Wednesday, May 17 

Join our Misspelling Bee! Wrong spellings only. Everyone wins.  

As much as we love it, language can be messsy and fustrating. We feel your pain. That’s why we’re holding our very own Misspelling Bee! We want you to tell us the misspelling that still haunts you from that spelling bee in third grade. We want to hear about the word you misspell every time. Or the word that looks wrong no matter how you spell it. Tell us your spelling nemisis (sp?) and we’ll give the word the roasting it deserves (and maybe a tip for getting it right). 

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Plus: Cure your Word Pain with our spelling quizzes, games, and more. 

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🤔 Word Curiosity Day

Thursday, May 18 

Ask Us Anything! Join us on Twitter May 18 at 1 p.m. EST.

Have you ever wondered: 

  • How do words get added to the dictionary? 
  • Why is colonel spelled that way?
  • How can dictionaries be more inclusive? 
  • Who decides what a word means? 
  • Do dictionaries still matter? 
  • What’s the plural of moose?

Ask us about words, about how dictionaries work, about the future of language—ask us anything! 

Featuring our expert panel: 

        Grant Barrett, Head of Lexicography
        John Kelly, Senior Director of Editorial
        Dara Sanderson, CEO 

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Plus: Satisfy—and stoke—your Word Curiosity with quizzes, strange-but-true word facts, and more.  

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🤩 Word Inspiration Day

Friday, May 19 

Your word could become our Word of the Day! 

What inspires us is you, and all the ways you use Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com to express yourselves and turn your inspiration into words—and actions. 

Here at “D-com,” as we call it, we have a tradition in which new team members share the words that best tell us who they are. We want to extend that tradition to you—but with a twist.

Tell us: What one word would you want your name to appear next to in the Dictionary? We might choose the word you share with us as our Word of the Day—with your name alongside it!

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