Dictionary Week: Word Pain Day

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Dictionary Week continues with Word Pain Day, an occasion to recognize that, despite all its beauty and wonder, navigating the English language can be filled with angst and uncertainty. It’s a day for anyone who’s ever been done wrong by the pitfalls of grammar, spelling, and pronunciation (which, let’s be honest, is all of us). Never fear—we’ve got a whole lineup of activities, events, and resources to cure your Word Pain.

🐝 Misspelling Bee: Wrong Spellings Only

As much as we love it, language can be messsy and fustrating. We feel your pain. That’s why we’re holding our very own Misspelling Bee! Wrong spellings only. Everyone wins. Join us Wednesday, May 17, on Twitter.

We want you to tell us the misspelling that still haunts you from that spelling bee in third grade. We want to hear about the word you misspell every time. Or the word that looks wrong no matter how you spell it. Tell us your spelling nemisis (sp?) and we’ll give the word the roasting it deserves (and maybe a tip for getting it right). 

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🧠 Need A Redemption Arc? Try These Quizzes

Speaking of spelling bees, how well do you know your bee history? Test yourself with this quiz featuring exclusively bee-winning words from the past century—without the sting of stage fright!

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Words—we love ’em, but they can also be thorns in our sides. See if you can ace the quiz on these commonly mistaken words!

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🏆 Break The Misspelling Spell With Outspell

In need of a spelling triumph? Compete against other players in a head-to-head word-building matchup to clinch victory.

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🤕 Cure Your Word Pain

Get to know some commonly misspelled words that cause trouble for even the most orthographically inclined (i.e. the few among us who consider themselves “good spellers”).

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When it comes to phonetics, English will make you question everything you thought you knew. Check out this list of words that are spelled right but look so, so wrong.

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✏️ Improve Your Writing With Grammar Coach

Even the most language-adept of us struggle with some of the trickiest aspects of grammar. Let us help with Grammar Coach, the grammar checker and writing assistant that takes the pain out of working with words.

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