Dictionary Week: Highlights From The Word Party

Dictionary Week was planned as a celebration of’s 28th birthday—a word party in honor of all the ways words touch our lives. We loved celebrating with you so much that we’ve rounded up some of our favorite moments and highlights. Cheers!

😜 Wordplay Day

We kicked the week off with Wordplay Day by asking you to share some of your favorite puns—some of which even made it into our Pun Hall of Fame!

If you’re missing the Wordplay fun, you can still challenge yourself with our hand-picked word riddles and trivia.

Test if you’re a true logophile with these word riddles, brain teasers, and trivia.

😍 Word Love Day

Tuesday was Word Love Day, and we spread the love with a Word Giveaway, handing out limited edition virtual word certificates of favorite words hand-picked by the team!

We also shared some of our favorite stories about the figures who changed the course of word history.

Learn the names of some of the people who left a legacy on language.

🤕 Word Pain Day

Wednesday was Word Pain Day and our Misspelling Bee, a wrong-answers-only communal commiseration about all the frustration words have inflicted upon us.

We also offered a cure for the Word Pain with our tips on tackling the most common misspellings.

Check out some of the most universally misspelled words—with helpful spelling tips for each one.

🤔 Word Curiosity Day

Thursday was Word Curiosity Day, an occasion for honoring all the way words spark our inquisitiveness.

Our “Ask Us Anything” session exceeded expectations—our readers posed some exceptional questions to our expert panel.

Still have questions? Read our FAQs about how the dictionary works.

Learn how new words get added to the dictionary.

🤩 Word Inspiration Day

Dictionary Week culminated with Word Inspiration Day. We asked you to submit a word that inspires you—a word you love, that defines you, or that would want your name to appear next to in the Dictionary. We received more than 500 submissions! Stay tuned—we may choose some as our Word of the Day!

We’ve leave you with some inspiring quotes about the beauty of words and the potential they have to move us to action.

Read quotes about words and the power they have.


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