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Chuck Bass

[chuhk] [bas]

Who is Chuck Bass?

Chuck Bass is the name of a character from the Gossip Girl book series and television adaption. Edward Westwick plays him on the TV show.

Where does Chuck Bass come from?

Chuck Bass first appeared in the novel Gossip Girl, published in 2002. He went on to appear in the pilot of the subsequent television show in 2007. His character was considerably different in the novels versus the television series. However, in both, he is considered at his core to be handsome, rich, and something of a womanizer. Over the course of the TV series, he developed slowly into a character with more emotional depth as more of his personality is revealed. He remains, however, a controversial figure thanks to his antiheroic characterization. The discussion surrounding his character reflects that.

Who uses Chuck Bass?

A large part of Chuck Bass’s screen time was dedicated to the development of his relationship with fellow character Blair Waldorf. Some fans are passionately invested in this relationship, and in discussions of the character, the pairing frequently comes up. Their relationship is known as Chair.

The character is known for his catchphrase, “I’m Chuck Bass.” It’s used to demonstrate both his wealth and somewhat arrogant personality and—later—his personal development, as his relationship with Blair strengthens. Fans often reference this catchphrase in discussing the character and the pairing.

Chuck Bass’s name can be used as a verb in a number of different contexts, most of which reference his personal qualities. The first means “to behave in the manner of a womanizer, or to make a pass at someone.” The second has the connotation of luxury and wealth. It suggests doing something fancy or expensive. Yet another meaning suggests behaving in a scheming or manipulative way, especially to bring about misfortune for someone. This usage is commonly paired with Blair Waldorf’s, as in Blair Waldorfing and Chuck Bassing, but it can be used alone as well. A fourth meaning suggests character development like Chuck Bass’s. A character who develops from a one-dimensional antagonist into a more complex, nuanced, and sympathetic antiheroic figure can be said to have been Chuck Bassed. Having been Chuck Bassed can also, in other contexts, suggest someone who has become infatuated with Chuck Bass.

For example

“I'm Chuck Bassing today, chauffer and all”

Sofia Quintero @TheKingsKidd Twitter (October 21, 2013)

“So there is this man at my mom's job. He's stopping her from getting a promotion. He lucky he live in Va. or I would Chuck Bassed his ass.”

Miss CB Fab @MissCB_Fab Twitter (July 27, 2011)

“Man I still got it just chuck bassed that ass she drop that number like she gonna drop that ass for me haha”

Leon Shelton Facebook (November 18, 2012)

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