[ kok-uhs ]
/ ˈkɒk əs /
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noun, plural coc·ci [kok-sahy, -see]. /ˈkɒk saɪ, -si/.

Bacteriology. a spherical bacterium.
Botany. one of the carpels of a schizocarp.



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Origin of coccus

1755–65; <New Latin <Greek kókkos grain, seed, berry
coccal, coc·cic [kok-sik], /ˈkɒk sɪk/, adjectivecoccous, adjective

Definition for coccus (2 of 2)


a combining form representing coccus in compound words: streptococcus.
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British Dictionary definitions for coccus

/ (ˈkɒkəs) /

noun plural -ci (-saɪ)

any spherical or nearly spherical bacterium, such as a staphylococcusCompare bacillus (def. 1), spirillum (def. 1)
the part of a fruit that contains one seed and separates from the whole fruit at maturity
any of the scale insects of the genus Coccus
coccoid, coccal or coccic (ˈkɒksɪk), adjectivecoccous, adjective
C18: from New Latin, from Greek kokkos berry, grain
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Medical definitions for coccus (1 of 2)

[ kŏkəs ]

n. pl. coc•ci (kŏksī, kŏkī)

A bacterium of round, spheroidal, or ovoid form.
coccoid′ (kŏkoid′) null adj.

Medical definitions for coccus (2 of 2)



A microorganism of spherical or spheroidal shape:streptococcus.
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Scientific definitions for coccus

[ kŏkəs ]

Plural cocci (kŏksī, kŏkī)

Any of various bacteria having a round or ovoid form such as streptococcus or staphylococcus, usually grouped in chains.
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