[ urs, airs ]



or E.R.S.
  1. Emergency Radio Service.


  1. a semantically empty suffix that creates informal variations of more neutral nouns and adjectives by processes of truncation identical to those of -er 7 ( champers; preggers; starkers ); unlike that suffix, however, -ers is apparently productive, and words formed with it do not appear to belong to a restricted linguistic register, as university slang.


abbreviation for

  1. earnings related supplement
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Word History and Origins

Origin of ers1

Middle French < Old Provençal < Late Latin ervus, variant of Latin ervum. See ervil

Origin of ers2

Perhaps a conflation of -er 7 with the final element of bonkers and crackers in the sense “wild, crazy” (unless these words themselves contain this suffix); -s 3
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Example Sentences

That said, there will be people that defend him—even some of his fellow NFL'ers.

Anti-vaxxers and anti-stem cell-ers come together, thanks to a recent paper linking autism to vaccines that use stem cells.

In Rhode Island, amid HIPAA concerns, Glass is being used in ERs with dermatologists.

Suppose one believes, as many JVP-ers do, that it is morally wrong to establish a state wherein citizens are treated unequally.

A news reporter is shoving a microphone inches from his nose and asks about “TM-ers.”

Rang′ers, a body of mounted troops: a name sometimes taken by clubs of football players, &c.—ns.

Rick′ers, the stems of young trees cut up for spars, &c.—ns.

The drop in the temperature was tremendous, but the ski-ers were jubilant.

Bielokurov began to talk at length and with his drawling er-er-ers of the disease of the century—pessimism.

I ain't got nothing to say against gals, but if I only lay my hands on that young brother of 'ers'