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plural -omas, -omata.
a noun suffix used to form names of tumors, of the kind specified by the base: fibroma; melanoma.

Origin of -oma

Probably extracted from carcinoma or sarcoma
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What does -oma mean?

The suffix –oma is used to name tumors. The suffix -oma is used in many medical terms, especially in pathology.

The suffix -oma is probably taken from words like sarcoma and carcinoma. Sarcoma comes from the Greek sárkōma, meaning “fleshy growth,” and carcinoma from the Greek, karkínōma, “sore, ulcer, cancer.”

When used in the plural, -oma can be either -omas or -omata, as in lipomas or lipomata.

What are variants of -oma?

Especially in biology terms, the suffix -oma becomes -ome, as in rhizome, and indicates a mass or specific kind of part.

Examples of -oma

One example of a medical term you may be familiar with that features the suffix -oma is fibroma, “a tumor consisting essentially of fibrous tissue.”

The first part of the word, fibr-, is a combining form meaning “fiber.” The suffix -oma denotes “tumor.” Fibroma literally translates to “fibrous tumor.”

What are some words that use the suffix –oma?

What are some other forms that -oma may be commonly confused with?

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In medicine, the combining forms lipo- and lip- mean “fat.” What kind of tissue does a lipoma consist of?

How to use OMA in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for OMA


n combining form
indicating a tumourcarcinoma

Word Origin for -oma

from Greek -ōma
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Scientific definitions for OMA


A suffix meaning “tumor” or “cancer,” as in carcinoma. Often, the suffix is added to the name of the affected body part, as in lymphoma, cancer of the lymph tissue.
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