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a combining form meaning “footed, having a foot” of the kind or number specified by the initial element; often occurring in adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -pod: cephalopodous.
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Origin of -podous

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What does -podous mean?

The combining formpodous is used like a suffix meaning “having a foot” or “-footed.” It is used to denote the adjectival form of nouns ending with the combining form pod.

The form –podous comes from the combination of two forms. The first is –pod, from Greek –pous, meaning “-footed.” The second is the suffix ous, from Latin –ōsus; this suffix has a variety of meanings, including “possessing, full of” a given quality.

What are variants of –podous?

Though –podous doesn’t have any variants, it shares an origin with the combining forms pod, podo, pod, poda, pode, and -podium. Want to know more? Read our Words That Use articles for all six forms.

Examples of -podous

One example of a scientific term that features the form –podous is apodous, or apodal, “having no distinct feet or footlike members.” Apodous comes from Greek ápous, which uses the equivalent form in that language.

The prefix a- has a variety of meanings, including “not” or “without,” while the form –podous means “having a foot.” Apodous literally translates to “having no foot.”

What are some words that use the combining form –podous?

What are some other forms that –podous may be commonly confused with?

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The combining form octo means “eight.” With this in mind, what does octopodous literally mean?

British Dictionary definitions for -podous


adj combining form
having feet of a certain kind or numbercephalopodous
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