or a-plen·ty

[ uh-plen-tee ]
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  1. in sufficient quantity; in generous amounts (usually used following the noun it modifies): He had troubles aplenty.

  1. sufficiently; enough; more than sparingly: He howled aplenty when hurt.

Origin of aplenty

First recorded in 1820–30; a-1 + plenty

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How to use aplenty in a sentence

  • So far Harry's tour of the Caribbean has been a riot of informality with booze, boogies and broken-down boats a-plenty.

  • There were leather breeches with staves a-plenty around that plank, and faces that meant no trifling.

    Richard Carvel, Complete | Winston Churchill
  • It was not long before we had bees a-plenty and they came from a tree that we had already found.

    Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper | Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock
  • It was necessary to burn comb here as we soon had three or four bees at work on the bait and in a short time we had bees a-plenty.

    Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper | Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock
  • He had strength a-plenty, but it needed all of it, and more, to win out of the river's hungry clutch.

    Within the Law | Marvin Dana
  • I reckon now he's got a right even chanst ter git well ef he kin contrive ter rest a-plenty.

    A Pagan of the Hills | Charles Neville Buck

British Dictionary definitions for aplenty


/ (əˈplɛntɪ) /

adjective, adverb(postpositive)
  1. in plenty

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