one of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region.
(initial capital letter) Also Aboriginal. Also called Australian Aborigine. a member of the people who were the earliest inhabitants of Australia.
aborigines, the original, native fauna or flora of a region.

Origin of aborigine

1540–50; by back formation from aborigines < Latin Aborīginēs the pre-Roman inhabitants of Italy, probably alteration of an earlier ethnonym by association with ab origine
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Historical Examples of aborigines

  • Besides, there was a great deal in their novelty as aborigines.'

  • In the interval since our first visit, the aborigines have had no communication with the civilized world.


    Edith A. Browne

  • The aborigines, consisting of different tribes, talk different dialects.

    Peeps Into China

    E. C. Phillips

  • Both these authors prefer the term “Ges” to that of Tapuyas, by which the aborigines in question are known to the Brazilians.

    The Races of Man

    Joseph Deniker

  • During this voyage they entered the country of the Guatos Indians, one of the most interesting tribes of the American aborigines.

    The Progress of Ethnology

    John Russell Bartlett

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an original inhabitant of a country or region who has been there from the earliest known times

Word Origin for aborigine

C16: back formation from aborigines, from Latin: inhabitants of Latium in pre-Roman times, probably representing some tribal name but associated in folk etymology with ab origine from the beginning



Also called: Aboriginal a member of the indigenous people who were living in Australia when European settlers arrived
any of the languages of this peopleSee also Australian (def. 3)
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1858, mistaken singular of aborigines (1540s; the correct singular is aboriginal), from Latin Aborigines "the first ancestors of the Romans; the first inhabitants" (especially of Latium), possibly a tribal name, or from ab origine, literally "from the beginning." Extended 1789 to natives of other countries which Europeans have colonized. Australian slang shortening Abo attested from 1922.

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The earliest known inhabitants of a region. The term is most often associated with the native hunting and gathering population of Australia, who preceded the arrival of white settlers. (See hunting and gathering societies.)

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