[ uh-kuhm-puh-nee ]
/ 蓹藞k蕦m p蓹 ni /
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verb (used with object), ac路com路pa路nied, ac路com路pa路ny路ing.
to go along or in company with; join in action: to accompany a friend on a walk.
to be or exist in association or company with: Thunder accompanies lightning.
to put in company with; cause to be or go along; associate (usually followed by with): He accompanied his speech with gestures.
Music. to play or sing an accompaniment to or for.
verb (used without object), ac路com路pa路nied, ac路com路pa路ny路ing.
to provide the musical accompaniment.
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Origin of accompany

1425鈥75; late Middle English accompanye<Middle French accompagnier.See ac-, company

synonym study for accompany

1. Accompany, attend, convoy, escort mean to go along with someone (or something). To accompany is to go along as an associate on equal terms: to accompany a friend on a shopping trip. Attend implies going along with, usually to render service or perform duties: to attend one's employer on a business trip. To convoy is to accompany (especially ships) with an armed guard for protection: to convoy a fleet of merchant vessels. To escort is to accompany in order to protect, guard, honor, or show courtesy: to escort a visiting dignitary.


non路ac路com路pa路ny路ing, adjectivere路ac路com路pa路ny, verb (used with object), re路ac路com路pa路nied, re路ac路com路pa路ny路ing.well-ac路com路pa路nied, adjective
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How to use accompany in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for accompany

/ (蓹藞k蕦mp蓹n瑟, 蓹藞k蕦mpn瑟) /

verb -nies, -nying or -nied
(tr) to go along with, so as to be in company with or escort
(tr foll by with) to supplementthe food is accompanied with a very hot mango pickle
(tr) to occur, coexist, or be associated with
to provide a musical accompaniment for (a performer)

Derived forms of accompany

accompanier, noun

Word Origin for accompany

C15: from Old French accompaignier, from compaing companion 1
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