verb (used without object)

to be in agreement or harmony; agree.

verb (used with object)



    of one's own accord, without being asked or told; voluntarily: We did the extra work of our own accord.

Origin of accord

1100–50; Middle English ac(c)corden, late Old English acordan < Old French acorder < Vulgar Latin *accordāre, equivalent to Latin ac- ac- + cord- heart, mind; see cordial, heart
Related formsac·cord·a·ble, adjectiveac·cord·er, nounnon·ac·cord, nounpre·ac·cord, noun, verb (used without object)un·ac·cord·a·ble, adjectiveun·ac·cord·ed, adjectivewell-ac·cord·ed, adjective
Can be confusedaccord afford

Synonyms for accord

Synonym study

1. See correspond.

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Historical Examples of accord

  • It would not be in accord with creative energy that I should go backward.

  • Here she is, coming of her own accord; she must have guessed your thoughts.

  • The earth did not produce it by any help of mine, nor of its own accord.

    Tanglewood Tales

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Before Proserpina knew what she was about, her teeth had actually bitten it, of their own accord.

    Tanglewood Tales

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • He was speaking for others that with which his soul did not accord.

    Tiverton Tales

    Alice Brown

British Dictionary definitions for accord



agreement; conformity; accordance (esp in the phrase in accord with)
consent or concurrence of opinion
with one accord unanimously
pleasing relationship between sounds, colours, etc; harmony
a settlement of differences, as between nations; compromise
of one's own accord voluntarily


to be or cause to be in harmony or agreement
(tr) to grant; bestow
Derived Formsaccordable, adjectiveaccorder, noun

Word Origin for accord

C12: via Old French from Latin ad- to + cord-, stem of cor heart
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Word Origin and History for accord

early 12c., from Old French acorder (12c.) "reconcile, agree, be in harmony," from Vulgar Latin *accordare "make agree," literally "be of one heart, bring heart to heart," from Latin ad- "to" + cor (genitive cordis) "heart" (see heart). Related: Accorded; according.


late 13c., accourd, from Old French acord "agreement," a back-formation from acorder (see accord (v.)).

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see of one's own accord.

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