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[ uh-kawr-ding-lee ]


  1. therefore; so; in due course.

    Synonyms: thus, hence, consequently

  2. in accordance; correspondingly.

    Synonyms: thus, hence, consequently


/ əˈkɔːdɪŋlɪ /


  1. in an appropriate manner; suitably

sentence connector

  1. consequently

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Word History and Origins

Origin of accordingly1

First recorded in 1400–50; Middle English; according + -ly

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Example Sentences

Some of these will be more or less helpful depending on where you live and what you’re using an ATV for, so customize accordingly.

Search bars assist your visitors and expand your understanding of user behavior, providing you with the information you need in order to adjust your website accordingly.

In Chrome for Android, you don’t have to switch to and from the tab overview screen to jump between the browser tabs you’ve got open—just swipe left or right across the address bar with your finger, and Chrome will switch tabs accordingly.

They help search engines to better understand what it is your video is about and rank it accordingly.

With online grocery sales showing no signs of slowing down even as lockdowns relax, Unilever’s media spending is shifting accordingly.

From Digiday

China and Russia, countries that ushered in similar economic transitions, scored 36 and 27 accordingly.

This was still One World Trade Center, and the media had responded accordingly.

And elites with ambitions in national politics are learning to electioneer accordingly.

Of course, though, this is titled Freak Show, and accordingly there is plenty to marvel at.

It would knock the eyes out of the Sun and Evening News, and we rejoiced and flapped our wings accordingly.

Accordingly, the question "How far does the note issue under the new system seem likely to prove an elastic one?"

At the lesson following he accordingly presented himself with his arm in a sling.

He accordingly betook himself to London, where he had social resources which would, perhaps, make exile endurable.

Of course, you probably realize the difficulty of laying hands on men who know they are wanted, and act accordingly.

This struck Davy as being a very happy idea, and he accordingly printed "Confexionry" on the package in his very best manner.


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More About Accordingly

What does accordingly mean?

Accordingly means done in agreement or in a corresponding way.

When you do something accordingly, you are doing it in a way that agrees with or conforms to another concept. For example, It looks like it might rain, so plan your hike accordingly, means to be prepared to hike in the rain (by wearing rain gear, for example) or be prepared to cancel the hike because it is raining.

Accordingly also means therefore or in due course. When school is canceled unexpectedly, for example, your teacher might say, “Accordingly, you will all be given an extra day to complete your reports.” Accordingly is still connecting a statement to a previous one. In this case, it introduces a statement that is a result of a previous one. You will have an extra day to finish your report because school was canceled.

Example: It’s going to be very cold this weekend, so make sure you pack accordingly.

Where does accordingly come from?

The first records of the term accordingly come from the early 1400s. It combines the word according, meaning “agreeing,” and the suffix ly, which creates adverbs from adjectives. 

Accordingly is used in cases where something has to agree, or accord, with a certain condition. For example, The mayor wants the roads to remain safe during the snowstorm. Accordingly, the salt trucks are sent out whenever it snows heavily. The trucks are sent out in agreement with the mayor’s set conditions.

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What are some synonyms for accordingly?

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How is accordingly used in real life?

Accordingly is almost always used when something is changing or has to be done in a certain manner that may differ from the norm.


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Which of the following is NOT a synonym for accordingly?

A. appropriately
B. properly
C. respectively
D. unsuitably




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