[ as-i-dan-ther-uh ]
/ ˌæs ɪˈdæn θər ə /


any bulbous African plant belonging to the genus Acidanthera, of the iris family, having sword-shaped leaves and long tubular flowers.

Origin of acidanthera

< New Latin (1844) < Greek akid- (stem of akís) needle (cognate with Latin acus; see acicula) + New Latin -anthera; see anther, -a2
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British Dictionary definitions for acidanthera

/ (ˌæsɪˈdænθərə) /


any plant of the African cormous genus Acidanthera, cultivated for its graceful tubular white and red or white and purple flowers, often scented: family Iridaceae

Word Origin for acidanthera

from Greek akis point + New Latin anthera anther, from the shape of the anthers
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