[ uh-droit-lee ]
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  1. with expert or dexterous use of the hands or body; nimbly: Serving us tea in china cups as we waited during the film shoot, she stepped adroitly over electric cords and around equipment.

  2. in a cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious way: Drawing upon multiple sources, she adroitly weaves a narrative giving insight into the affliction of sleep paralysis.

Origin of adroitly

First recorded in 1695–1705; adroit + -ly

Other words from adroitly

  • un·adroit·ly, adverb

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How to use adroitly in a sentence

  • She turned out to be an excellent wife for him, and she ran his political and economic affairs adroitly.

    Why William Needs a Commoner | Andrew Roberts | November 16, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Then Paterno adroitly brought matters to a crisis in a bold peroration which changed the whole scene.

    The Philippine Islands | John Foreman
  • He was very disagreeable about the house when he returned home, and his wife adroitly kept out of his sight.

    The Homesteader | Oscar Micheaux
  • I could not adroitly turn the old man's wandering speculation into a general laugh as Weston would have done.

  • In this sort of life Consul Garman carried himself as easily and as adroitly as a fish in its native element.

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • Leaning forward he placed bottle and glass on the table, and adroitly swept the coins into his yellow palm.

    Dope | Sax Rohmer